Health Supplements- Do You Really Need Them?

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Health supplements and natural health care have become widely popular and their importance grows with each passing day. This is because people are looking for better ways to improve their overall health. They have been shifting to natural remedies in place of the old pharmaceutical drugs and treatments. Over the past couple of years, various studies have been conducted that reveal the therapeutic benefits of various herbs and their extracts. These studies also strongly evidence towards the fact that herbal supplementation along with a healthy diet and lifestyle hold the key to a healthy, disease-free and blissful life.

Thus, there has been a greater reliance towards the use of natural dietary supplements for the treatment of numerous health conditions and for promoting general well-being. It might be shocking for you, but the fact is that even in most advanced countries like the United States, natural health care and nutritional supplements are not strictly regulated! Herbal supplements manufacturers are not obligated that they ensure the effectiveness, safety or even reveal the contents and the active concentrations of their supplements! So, the harsh reality is that most nutritional supplements do not really contain those ingredients in active concentrations that they claim on their product labels. Although it is quite difficult to believe, but this is the truth! A common issue that we come across is that why take supplements, when we do not see any difference in our health?

The reason for this is that we generally get carried away in the false claims of supplements manufacturers who offer the cheapest supplements but provide the most inferior quality supplements. Due to those low quality supplements, we see a minimal or almost negligible difference in our health.Choosing the best quality health supplements from reputed companies would give you the most effective results in your health. So, you should educate yourselves and then make the most informed decision for your good health.  If you are in need of chiropractor Tyler Tx, Life Family Chiropractic is definitely a good place to start. We want to give a special thanks to them for helping with information related to the health and medical field.




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The Risks of High Cholesterol and How You Can keep it Low

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More than 100 million Americans have high cholesterol. So, you probably know someone dealing with the condition, or you may have high cholesterol yourself. Almost anyone can have an unhealthy cholesterol level. In fact, one in five people have high cholesterol. It’s a very common problem and, in many cases, it may be inherited. So even though having high cholesterol may not be your fault, it’s still very important you treat it now.

Having a high cholesterol level can lead to cardiovascular disease. One life is lost every 33 seconds due to cardiovascular disease. Everyone should have their cholesterol levels tested to know if they are at risk. Maintaining healthy eating habits and exercising regularly may lower your cholesterol levels. Here are a few ways you can fight high cholesterol in your diet.

Stick with the basics. Basic foods like raw fruits and vegetables can help you lower your cholesterol.

Reduce your fat intake. Learn what the label really means. Just because a label says low saturated fat, low cholesterol or cholesterol-free does not necessarily mean the product is low-fat.

Substitute healthy sides. Fruit is much better for you than fries.

Do not eat poultry skin. It is high in cholesterol.

In addition to eating right, ask your doctor about dietary supplements that can aid you in your fight. For instance, Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc. (APPI OTC BB) produces a product called Lo-Chol designed to help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels naturally. APPI is a pharmaceutical company that uses whole plants to develop products for the treatment of human diseases. Lo-Chol is derived from six selected plants that work in concert to help normalize cholesterol levels.

Unlike almost all other herbal supplements on the market, Lo-Chol does not contain any extracts. Instead, it utilizes the entire part of a specific plant that is processed and standardized to deliver optimum potency and nutritional benefits. In clinical studies, people using Lo-Chol have shown cholesterol reductions of up to 58 percent with an average of 29 percent.


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How to Develop a Healthy Life Style – A Guide to Follow

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A healthy lifestyle is not difficult to achieve with the appropriate discipline and the desire to succeed. The primary concern anyone wishing to be healthy should consider is whether or not they are eating the right things. In a time when so much food is produced unethically, reading labels on food packaging and making correct decisions when it comes to nutrition is key. The majority of the foods consumed should consist of fruits and vegetables. A varied and omnivorous diet will assure that every vitamin and mineral that a body requires will be fulfilled. It is very important that necessary amount of fibre is consumed each day; the standard is 25 grams for a female and 30 for a male, based on a 2,000 calorie diet. In addition to keeping a person full for a longer period of time, fibre ensures that food is processed correctly, and nutrients are directed to where they need to go.


Protein is also vital to proper bodily function and should be well represented in a diet, providing ample energy and muscle development. Although, contrary to popular belief, there is no conclusive study that requires 8 glasses of water to be consumed per day, appropriate hydration helps regulate body temperature, reduce fatigue, and increase energy. Getting enough exercise is also an important component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. An average person requires approximately 30 minutes of moderate exercise, three times a week, to stay in top shape.

Although it does need to be strenuous or result in weight loss, physical activity is a great way to strengthen bones and muscles, improve circulation, and increase metabolism rates. People who maintain a consistent exercise regimen are more likely to avoid health complications such as osteoporosis and high cholesterol levels. Read more. Although improving eating and exercise habits goes a long way, a healthy lifestyle must also avoid certain harmful things. Substance abuse of any kind will deteriorate health and lifespan by straining organs and robbing the body of needed resources.

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